Ellissa's Thoughts
Ellissa's Thoughts
Hey there,

I created this tumblr to share something of my live with and because I really love some quotes and pictures and I want to keep it, so I can look back if I want to.
I honestly want to say that I am not encouraging an eating disorder, self harm or depression.
At this moment I am fighting against my ed. I want to get rid of it, but at the same time it is the only thing that makes me feel to have control in my life. And it makes me happy for once in a while.

xx Ellissa
Whenever someone tells me
that they are proud of my progress,
I hope someday that my first reaction is
not to slip into regression
just to prove to them
that I still hurt. (via beautyinthebellejar)

(via hiding-in-silence)

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I act so I don’t have to think. (via beautyinthebellejar)

(via hiding-in-silence)

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